Our products have the required characteristics that make them qualitatively superior and unique in both quality and taste. Our way of processing the grains let a good percentage of the nutritional values stay untouched making also possible to obtain an exceptional cooking level. We really care about our products and we follow their entire creation from the fields to the packages.
Our rice is a guarantee of high quality standards. In particular, they have a very low level of natural impurities and defects and the refining phase, along the entire production line, means that only 1% of the grain breakage remains.

Our special packaging demands some special attention for what concerns the conservation of our products. We recommend to store the rice in a fresh and dry environment with a maximum thermal state of +4°/+6°.


Carnaroli is the king of risotto rice. Ours is one of the most high quality products in the world, winner of gold medal in Rice Olympics in 2006.
Carnaroli is a superfino (extra-fine) rice with slightly bigger grains, and a low starch percentage particularly recommended for preparation of Italian traditional risotto.


Vialone Nano is one of the most appreciated rice variety. The one from Agricola Veneria is one of the few cultivated outside the plains around the city of Verona.
Vialone Nano is a semifino (medium grain) rice variety particularly recommended for a meaty and rich flavoured risotto, served “all’onda” (creamy).


Baldo rice is a quite young variety of rice, introduced in 1977. Agricola Veneria Baldo is highly certified and considered one of the best in Italy.
Baldo is a superfino (extra-fine) rice with high endurance and a great consistency but in the meantime, realising starch in cooking it keeps risotto creamy but “al dente”.


Balilla (or Originario) is one of the most ancient variety of rice, whit round-shaped small grains.
A certain stickiness and low resistance to cooking make Balilla the ideal ingredient for those preparations where rice must become the basis of the recipe like rice soups, or to be mixed with other ingredients, like arancini, desserts or cakes.