First stage

The greggio rice is the result of the first step of the lavoration which consists in the threshing and exsiccation of the grains. At this point of the lavoration the rice is not edible yet because the grains are still surrounded by the chaff. Grass wires and soil are aspirated, stones are expelled and iron materials are extracted with powerful magnets.

Second stage

The grains of greggio rice are polished and deprived of their own external layer using a special machine composed of two revolving rubber stripes called sbramino. After this process we obtain the semigreggio rice which is commonly known as whole rice. This type of rice is healthier than white rice because of the high presence of nutritious elements.

Third stage

The last step of the transformation is whitening. It is executed using only a natural grindstone without any chemical treatment on the whole grains. Finally the rice is inspected and all the imperfect grains are discarded. In this way we obtain a high-quality refined rice without any stain or broken body.


We took the decision to not wrap our products in a vacuum-sealed package because Rice is “alive” and has a continuous evolution. We opted for a monitored atmosphere package that allows the rice to “breathe” and to perform a unique olfactory experience when the package is open.